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Perfect! I offer a variety of services for organizations of various sizes and levels of maturity:

Excellent IT transforms how you work, but tech alone won't cut it.

I thrive at intersection of people, culture, process, data and technology. Whether it's developing a roadmap, running a project, or helping you to become more agile, I can help.

Fractional Leadership
Strategic IT Leadership for companies of any size.

A part-time leader can help lead your IT team, manage your IT roadmap, or transform your IT organization. We can work together anywhere from few hours a month to a few days a week.

Advisory Services
A trusted partner for early-stage organizations.

Get an expert to help you navigate the world of IT while you focus on building your business. No cost to low-cost options negotiable.


Excellent! I'm so glad you're here. One of my favorite things is helping people grow and advance in their careers:

Coaching and Development
Talk with someone who has walked the path before.

I help IT Professionals, especially new and aspiring IT Managers, develop and hone the skills they need to succeed.

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